How to Find Newspaper Articles?

Search by Topic

The internet is the best resource when looking for newspaper articles even if it’s just about Christmas dinner snack ideas. You are able to go through newspapers from across the world with the help of tools such as Google News Archives at certain times. This tool contains thousands of newspapers from where you can get your articles. You simply need to type in your keywords on the search bar. However, on such a database, searched are limited to certain dates. You should note that not all newspapers are uploaded here which limits your search too.


Additionally, you could look for a newspaper article by using its title. The titles of the newspapers are included below the search bar. This will help you look in a particular archive making your search easier. The format of a newspaper is mostly not retained when on such a database. Therefore, do not be surprised when you come across a different layout and picture content. However, some newspaper companies upload a scanned copy of the newspapers to the archives.


Search by Author


Many of the available newspaper databases allow the user to search by author. This is much easier if you are looking for articles from a specific journalist. You simply need to type in the name of the writer and a list of his or her articles will be displayed below.


Search by Date


Date restricts the majority of the newspaper archives. However, if you know the date of an article you are looking for, you will manage to find it much easier. These dates have several categories to choose from. These are; the day, the month or the year. Depending on how often a topic you are looking for is written about, will determine how soon you find it. Some newspaper databases have more specific filter sections. These allow you to browse using a certain range of dates. You can simply find an article if you know the week or day it was published. Additionally, sometimes you can get an option to key in the range of dates or months it was issued within. These few methods will make your searches much easier.


Search by Phrase


There are repetitive phrases used by writers across the world on different topics. Using a name or phrase can make your search quicker in a newspaper database. All you need to do is key in the name or phrase in quotation marks on your search bar menu. If you are searching for newspaper articles in a specific year, you could include the date too. This will narrow down your searches further.


Search by geographical location


Different states and countries print out their newspapers every day. When looking for a newspaper article, you could be interested in a certain part of the world precisely. As a result, you need to search for the location you are interested in accompanied by the topic of the article. The options that will pop up on your browser will be specific to your location hence making your search easier.


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